• 3 important considerations when hiring a covers band
    Do you want to hire a covers band? In this post, I explain three things you need to think about. Click link to read.
    Posted: Sunday 20 August 2017
  • Standard Deviation Jazz band writes a song
    In this post, Andrew, from jazz band Standard Deviation, explains the process of writing a song for radio. Click link to read.
    Posted: Friday 21 April 2017
  • Healey & Rich Acoustic Duo Play a Wedding
    In this post, Andrew from Healey & Rich 'spills the beans'about a recent wedding gig.
    Posted: Saturday 8 April 2017
  • 5 reasons why I think acoustic duos are GREAT
    In this post, singer/guitarist Andrew Healey explains why he reckons acoustic duos comprising guitar and vocals are the bee’s knees. Click to read.
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  • 5 things to think about when you hire a covers duo or band
    Live music makes get-togethers awesome. So, if you’re thinking about hiring an acoustic duo or band, here are five things to consider. Click to read.
    Posted: Tuesday 18 October 2016
  • Favourite acoustic duos: Tim & Neil Finn
    The Finn brothers. Surely, no other Kiwi duo has produced so many classic songs? The list is endless: I’ve got you, I hope I never, Six months in a leaky boat, Dirty creature, I see red, Weather with you, Four seasons in one day… even lesser-known songs like Angel’s heap are classics.
    Posted: Tuesday 3 May 2016
  • Favourite singers & guitarists: Chris Cornell
    I admire Chris Cornell as I might a lion in a cage. Even when perched behind an acoustic guitar he can rattle bones. What a voice.
    Posted: Tuesday 26 April 2016
  • Favourite singers & guitarists: Chris Isaak
    Most people know Chris Isaak for his hauntingly beautiful ballad Wicked Game. It’s a real gem — a masterclass in the emotive application of falsetto. However, there is much more to Mr Isaak than one song.
    Posted: Wednesday 20 April 2016